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Delta Hotels and Resorts (through Headspace Marketing)




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Delta Hotels and Resorts was the largest hotel chain based in Canada (they were bought by Marriott in 2015). Unfortunately, they did not have a centralized translation department, and so each property was left to arrange for translation by themselves, which resulted in a hodgepodge of results. Some were translated by professional translators, others by bilingual staff as best they could. Some hotels even used Google Translate.

In early 2012, I was hired to do a thorough linguistic review of the online presence for all 42 properties. In addition to correcting faulty translations, my duties included creating a standardized glossary and style guide, updating sections in English and French which were no longer relevant, and providing brand new translations when the existing copy was incoherent or untranslated.

partials of work

First paragraph is redundant and should be deleted. The second paragraph presents the same information, and is better written.

  • couette et café
  • delete first paragraph
  • comprend :
  • - Le petit-déjeuner-buffet complet pour deux personnes